Gideon and God’s Remnant Army

How the Remnant of Gideon Defeated the Midianites

The power of corporate fruitfulness. The trinity setting exhibited.

This study portrays the simplicity of the battle against God’s contentious enemy summarized under the name of Midianites joined by the very ungodly Amalekites. (Ex. 17:8; Deut. 28)

The Midianites stand for Strife and Contention. It is the New Testament’s most serious enemy in the Church of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God (Jam. 3: 14-16). The behaviour of the Midianites closely resembles the spirit of Jezebel, controlling, dominant and greedy, without any respect for authority.

The Midianites were joined by the Amalekites; these are the people of the valley who steal and rob you from your blessings, Rev. 3:1, and are of the same spirit of greed. (for more insight see the study on the Amalekites on this website.)

The Midianites represent the causes of strife and selfish ambition being of an uncommitted, ungodly will. This is the exercise and method the Lord takes Gideon through to defeat these particular principalities and powers.

Judges 6

1. The State of the Nation:

  • Enemy prevailed.  (6:1)
  • Lived in fear, hiding in caves away from their homes.  (6:2)
  • Enemies destroyed their possessions and robbed them from their position with God
  • Israel lived in total poverty and fear due to their self centered greedy ambitions (see James 3:14-16)

2.  Israel Cried unto the Lord, (vv. 6,7)

3.  The Prophetic Voice, (vv. 6-10, both a rebuke to their disobedience, word of the prophet is also meant as an encouragement that this mighty God was still with them as they would submit and obey.

4.  After this the Lord Himself appears to Gideon.

5.  Gideon’s Conversion and Commissioning

     a.  Gideon’s   Commendation – “The Lord is with you”

     b.  Gideon’s   Complain and Cry (v.13)

     c.  Gideon’s   Call to Arms – “Go in this My Might” (v. 14)

     d.  Gideon’s  Confirmation -“Peace be unto you, Fear not, you shall not die” (V. 23).

     e.  Gideon’s Consecration – removing the causes of the curses, the idols of his  

         family and village before he could truly obey and serve the Lord (v. 25-32)

     f.  Gideon’s Corroboration of God’s Call upon his Life, (vv.37-40)

Judges 7

6. Calling and Choosing: Sorting out the fearful and the non-committed from the Remnant, those whom God set apart (vv. 1-8) the number of men are downsized from 32,000 to 300  (i.e. 96%) corporately committed men. These men are the company of 300 = 3 x 100,  (3 is the number of the Godhead and 100 is the number of corporate fruitfulness).

7. Consternation in the Enemy Camp, v.14

8. Confirmation of Victory through Worship, v.15

9. Call to “Arise” against Midian and the entire Host, v.15

10. Weapons of Warfare, v.16:

  • Trumpets: 1 Cor.14:8; “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”
  • Pitchers: 2 Cor. 4:7;  But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God, and not of us. 
  • Lamps:  Mat 5:14; Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

11. Divine Discipline “…They stood every man in his own place round about the camp” (3 Companies of 100 = 300)

12.  Divine Direction: “Look unto Me and do likewise…” (vv. 17-18).

13. Divine Destruction by divine sound and light

To have victory over the spirit of the Midianites in the New Testament time we are talking about the demons of selfish ambition, strife, greed and jealousy, God has no choice but to use only a Remnant of his people, those Israelites who have been freed from Midian attitudes.

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