Checklist of Occult Involvement

Scripture ref’s: Prov. 28:13; Isa. 59:1-2; Isa. 66.18; Isa.10:27

Below you will find a checklist of occult activity. If you or anyone in your family has participated in any of these activities over the past generations, there are satanic bondages in place over your life that need to be broken. Any involvement or observance of the occult areas below need to be confessed and renounced in the name of Jesus and your freedom confirmed by other believers who stand in faith.


Have you ever:
1. Had your fortune told by the use of tarot cards, tea leaves, palm-reading, crystal ball, phrenology, handwriting analyzed, or gambled?
2. Been involved in astrology, studied horoscopes, had a personal chart made or studied and directed your life according to numerology or anything previously mentioned?
3. Practiced I-Ching or used a crystal ball, ouija board, cards, levitation?
4. Believed and lived by superstitions like salt throwing, etc.
5. Believed in reincarnation: had a ‘life’ or reincarnation reading?
6. Read literature on astrology, fortune telling, dreams, self-realization?
7. Viewed films: ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ “Exorcist,” ‘Bewitched,” or any other occult or horror movie or faithfully watched the “Saturday mind manipulations” on TV?

II. MIND MANIPULATION (Psychic): control by meta-physical forces.

Have you ever:
8. Been hypnotized by anyone, practiced self-hypnosis?
9. Studied or practiced ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience, levitation, Telekinesis telepathy, automatic handwriting, pre-cognition (dreams), water-witching (divination)?
10 Eckanar (astral soul projection or travel)?
11. Have been involved in mind disciplines such as. ‘EST, ‘Christian mind sciences,” scientology, metaphysics
12. Practiced ‘alpha dynamics,”?
13. Studied or followed any philosophical cults such as: Hawtha Yoga (physical), T. M., Eastern Meditations and religions: Zen Buddhism, Hara Krishna, Hinduism, Buddhism, Bahai, Confucianism, Taoism, Rosecrusians, Masonry, Pyramids, Catholicism, or any secret society?
Or have any of your family members been involved in these practices in the past generations?
14. Denied, or ridiculed the basic doctrines of the Christian Church, or ridicule the Church yourself?
15. Accepted the ‘good” in all religions?
16. Read or studied any literature on psychic phenomena, ESP, Eastern religions or cults
17. Used mind manipulation to control people or situations?
18. Adhered to the philosophies of humanism, relativism, feminism?

Has there been any mind manipulating involvement not mentioned in the above?

III. BLACK ARTS: The Use of Supernatural Forces:

Have you ever:
19. Attended. Or watched a uija or spiritualistic meeting, consulted an uija board, planchette or talking boards, tarot cards, crystal ball, pendulum?
20. Consulted a medium? Set your life according to predictions?
21. Sought to locate missing persons or objects by consulting someone with psychic powers, or convey information?
22. Been given a charm or medallion of any kind for protection?
23. Possessed or possess any occult, pagan religious objects, or objects that are presently used by the occult?
24. Made a blood pact with someone?
25. Cast a magic spell, hex or curse on someone or something?
26. Tried to make contact with the dead/
27. Involved in ancestral worship through your culture?
28. Read any books in the realm of magic: Black arts, esp. “Mystic Christianity ” Secret doctrines, esp. “The Shack? Or any other circulating New age teaching.


Have you ever:
29. Sought healing through psychic means: “Acupuncture, Magnetism, charming, mesmerism, mind sciences, some form of magic?


Have you ever:
30. Smoked pot, taken LSD, mescaline, mesculine, or any other hallucinogen drugs and mind expansion and body building, sex stimulation (gays or sex instruments)?
31. Been an alcoholic, taken tranquilizers, Valium (addicted), or other simulators, etc.?


Have you ever:
32. Viewed pornographic pictures on the internet, films, TV shows?
33. Read pornographic books and novels as a form of escapism?
34. Participated in sexual fantasies, deviations, homo- sexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, groupsex, masturbation, fantasizing, adultery, fornication?
35. Been involved in abortion, or approved or agreed with abortion?

Note: Continuously watching internet pornography leaves a destructive deviating impression on the soul which needs to be repented off and broken in the same way as
occult involvement is broken and cleansing of pictures (I Cor. 6.9, 10; Rom. 1:26,27; Eph. 4:27; Jude 7.8


Have you ever:
36. Wished that you were dead, wished someone else were dead, or tried to commit suicide, or contemplated suicide as a way of escape?
37. Been treated for schizophrenia with shock or drug treatment?


Have you ever agreed or adhered to the following:
1. Hegelian thinking, dialectical reasoning.
2. Contemplative/Emergent Church involvement
3. Contemplative Spirituality
4. Spiritual Formation Movement
5. One World Spirituality Movement
6. Any spirituality that negates the Cross.
7. Mantra Meditation
8. Rick Warren’s – Peace and Purpose Driven Movements
9. Dominion and Reconstruction theology
10. Liberation theology

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