Discerning Levels of Demonic Activity

The Process of Increasing Sinfulness

God’s intent and standard for man is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. (cf. Rom.14:17b). God’s Spirit creates a functional relationship.

1. Demonic Impression

The enemy of our souls (mind, emotions and will) applies pressure by negative thoughts so as to mark and gradually mold our minds.

2. Demonic Repression

Demonic influences begin to hinder the natural, normal expressions and activities of a person. They try to exclude thoughts and actions from the influence of consciousness.

3. Demonic Suppression

A more direct force to subdue is exerted by demonic pressures. Signs of exclusion of positive interaction of thoughts or feelings.

4. Demonic Oppression

At this stage the demonic pressures become increasingly cruel and begin to control the activities. A sense of the body is pressing down body and mind through pressure on the nerve system, resulting in tiredness, listlessness and confusion.

5. Demonic Depression

Disorder marked by functional inactivity. Lowering of concentration and vitality, marked by indifference to goals in life. Hostile and quarrelsome behaviour.

6. Demonic Obsession

Fixation, fascination, and preoccupation with disturbing unrestrained ideas and actions harmfully affecting other people.

7. Demonic Control

Dominating demonization by a demon or demonic family (i.e. more than one demon in relation to the controlling demon, forming a hierarchy). Their efforts are to totally control a person’s life by twisting and overruling their personality.

Note: The classification of a person being “demon possessed” in the KJV is an unfortunate translation from the Greek. The better translation is “demonized” which expresses degrees of intensity of demonic influences. A true Christian cannot be demon possessed.

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