Prophecy: The Word of God

A prophecy by Dwight L. Niswander, Sarnia, Ontario Canada (see bottom for details).

The time is come when all kinds of error and division will come to those who have entered into My Spirit. They will put their trust in men who claim to know My Word, but they do not respect the authority that is in My Word. And, there are those who will trust in each other without having the same trust in Me. Yea, this is an hour when I shall again set the prophets to cry to the need of this hour.

My Word is sharper than a two-edged Word, but many claim it only as a scriptural matter. Many delight in taking the sacred writ and mutilating it with their own version and interpretations. My people have been destroyed for a lack of understanding of My Word. My Word begins and ends with Me. It is the authority which has its effect because of the anointing that accompanies it. My Word is life. My Word is a divider of that which is TRUTH on one side and error on the other side.

The word is a revelation of truth that comes forcibly upon those who seek counsel from Me. The Word is inspiration to those who obey Me and confusion to those who abide in the doctrine of men. Man tends to invent his own ideas from the Scriptures, and no two persons living on earth can agree in the meaning of the Scriptures by Me.

These are the days when I must allow My Spirit to come heavily upon the apostles and prophets so that they can declare the truth in unison. The Word is the beginning of wisdom. The Word is even greater than man’s ideas of the Scriptures, and yet many have not seen that the Scriptures are the guide and pattern to go by. Some accept it as a way of debate to their own point of view. Some endeavor to know it as a dogmatic basis for their pride because of study and the accumulation of knowledge, but yea, many of those who know the Scriptures in theory do not follow Me in reality.

The Word must be understood as the revelation of My Son. It is not a set of rules and regulations that puts emphasis on man’s own religious spirit. It is based upon a relationship with Me. I am weary of those who delight in the Scriptures, but who do not delight in Me. Many are  knowledgeable to the facts of the Scriptures. but they do not know the main fact – to abide in the revelation of all that I am.

This is the day of challenge, and it will be a direct confrontation by My Spirit. It will be a day of great confusion for those who wish to debate and contend to the sacred oracles as though they can conceive it from their own spirit. Is not My Spirit the author and also the interpreter of the Scriptures? Did I not breathe upon holy men to write out my Word? So shall it be in this hour. My Word shall be a strong Word in this day that shall not add to those fundamentals that are in Scriptures, but it shall bring life and hope and direction. It shall bring a unity in the Body for my prophetic anointing shall flow through the prophets. My Word shall fulfill a new inspiration for My people to grasp and understand and faith shall increase. It shall even reveal the mysteries of the revelation. My Spirit shall move on all places on the earth and new light shall come. It shall establish an awe and holiness so that My people can move with great joy and gladness into the purposes which I shall thus establish. It shall bring hope and comfort to those whose hearts are perfect toward Me.

Seek Me not for all that you desire to first receive for yourselves, but seek Me for the purpose of the Kingdom upon earth. In this spirit you shall be safe from the storms of wrath which shall come upon the earth. Those who look to My laws shall be as Mount Zion. They shall know that the Word of the Lord is their sure comfort and defense. They shall be as eagles on the earth. Yes, this is the hour of great decisions upon all those who are in the political arena. It is also an hour of great struggle within the Church, but those who know My Word will be kept and walk in the power of My Truth.

Note: This is a prophecy by Dwight L. Niswander, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

I have not been able to locate or contact the source of this important prophetic word, but believe that the Lord, giving the word to Br. Niswander, wants to make it available again. It was given sometime in the late 60’s. It’s focus and purity have been a inspiration to me in the preaching and teaching of the Word of God to the Body of Christ.  I decided to include it in the web site, (John Mol, PO. Box 26112, Langley, BC, Canada, V3A 8J2)

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