Discerning the Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation

The Conviction of the Holy Spirit

1. Tone of Voice

The gentle, loving voice of our Father, appealing, entreating, beseeching, and inviting our return to Him. (Song of Songs 2:8; Hosea)

2. Specific

The Holy Spirit points out one needed area only. To make one choice of will.  Conviction deals with that sin committed. (John 16:13)

3. Encouragement

God always encourages us to trust Him and rely on His willingness and power to save and to keep. (Isa. 41:10; 1 Cor. 15:57, 58)

4. A New Creation in Christ

We are a new man in Christ by grace through faith.  God has once and forever accepted the believer in His Son Jesus Christ.  In Him we are new. 2 Cor. 5:17

5. God Draws Us Into Christ

The Holy Spirit continually draws us closer by revealing the Father.  Granting a heart of repentance, love, faith, humility toward Him, and dependence upon Him. (Rom. 8:32)

6. God Draws Us Into Fellowship

The Holy Spirit unites us together in our weaknesses unto one Body. (1 Cor. 12)

7. Builds Faith in the Word of God

The Spirit brings us continually back to the Word of God.  He states facts, reveals truths, and principles of faith so we stand against Satan. (Mat. 4:2-11; Eph. 6:17)

8. God Speaks Positive Words and Scriptures

The Spirit edifies and encourages us with positive Scriptures.  He does not bring condemning and negative verses to our mind or during our reading. (Eph. 3:20)

9. God Corrects and Disciplines

This is not a negative exercise but a positive strengthening and liberating, necessary for spiritual growth. (Heb. 12:1-28)

10. Reassures

God’s Spirit reassures us of His love, forgiveness and grace. That He will never leave us nor forsake us. (Heb. 13:5)

Jesus is “the Way, the Truth and the Life”

Condemnation of the Devil

1. Tone of Voice

The Devil’s tone of voice is accusing, mocking, confusing and questioning.

2. Indirectness

Satan always generali-zes.  He generates guilt and hopelessness.

3. Discouragement

His strongest weapon.  Says you’re not important, you’re worthless. You’ll never make it.

4. Dwells on the Past

He wants you to remember the bad past in unbelief and despair.  The old life is brought up.  (He is a liar and always will be a liar. (John 8:44).

5. Spiritual Separation

Gives feelings of worthlessness, rejection and shame.  Distorts the Image of God.  Produces fear towards God.

6. Isolates

He plants suggestions of independence, self-importance, strife.

7. Produces Feelings

He tells you that your feelings are the truth.  Draws you into neg. feelings towards God, others, self, work, Church etc.

8. Negative Scriptures

Satan attempts to bring unrelated condemning verses to your attention.  He uses the law against you.

9. Satan Crushes

His attacks are to destroy and crush anyone he can get in his grip.

10. Satan Accuses

As the accuser of the believers continually lies that God doesn’t love them anymore, their sins are too big.

Satan: “He is a liar, and the father of it.”

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