Definition of flattery:
“To praise insincere and excessively esp. from motives of self-interest”
“A pleasing self-deception.”
~ Webster

Flattery is Satan’s primary tool to ensnare the souls of man. Because of man’s egotistical nature he is an easy prey for


Effects of Codependency and Control Indicators

Three types of codependents

  1. Caretakers – relate to others primarily through roles which put the caretaker in a position of the giver, helper, supporter, nurturer, etc. “Everyone’s needs are more important than my own.”
  2. Romance – relationship addiction – must

Prophecy: The Word of God

A prophecy by Dwight L. Niswander, Sarnia, Ontario Canada (see bottom for details).

The time is come when all kinds of error and division will come to those who have entered into My Spirit. They will put their trust in


Hindrances to Healing

Various hindrances to healing presented along with causes and Bible references.

1. Unbelief due to incomplete teaching & practice. Mark 6:5,6

2. Living in an environment of unbelief. Matt. 17:14-21; Mk 6:5,6

3. Incorrect causes addressed. Acts 3:12; 13:27; 10:25,26


Escapism – Psalm 55

The Unreal World Of Mental Escape

The first order of ministering to the Body of Christ is the releasing of believers from any involvement with the powers of darkness i.e. the occult world. (See Checklist of Occult Involvement for possible