Definition of flattery:
“To praise insincere and excessively esp. from motives of self-interest”
“A pleasing self-deception.”
~ Webster

Flattery is Satan’s primary tool to ensnare the souls of man. Because of man’s egotistical nature he is an easy prey for


Effects of Codependency and Control Indicators

Three types of codependents

  1. Caretakers – relate to others primarily through roles which put the caretaker in a position of the giver, helper, supporter, nurturer, etc. “Everyone’s needs are more important than my own.”
  2. Romance – relationship addiction – must

Steps To A Lifestyle of Victory

1. Revelation and Recognition of the problems and the complexities of the strongholds and bondages most likely in the subconscious you are to address. (2 Cor. 10:3-5)

2. Repentance and Forgiveness to remove the rights of the enemy of our


Growing Into The Full Knowledge Of Christ

The importance of Paul’s admonition “to increase and being renewed into the full-knowledge (“epignosis”) of God’s will (‘Thelema’ God’s desired will for each believer), is seen in six of his epistles. In Paul’s epistles to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossian Churches


Gideon and God’s Remnant Army

How the Remnant of Gideon Defeated the Midianites

The power of corporate fruitfulness. The trinity setting exhibited.

This study portrays the simplicity of the battle against God’s contentious enemy summarized under the name of Midianites joined by the very ungodly